Get an answer for 'Willy's philosophy, in of a Salesman, is “be liked and
you will never want.” How does … They may come around to the places where
they used to be welcomed and find that they are just in the way because the
people they are trying to cling to are busy and preoccupied with their business

Miller creates the character of Willy as the embodiment of the failure within the
American Dream. Willy is presented as a prototypical American male of the post
World War II era who was taught that if he works hard, plays by the rules, and
believes in the authenticity of his dreams, success will be evident. The reality is
that this …

May 9, 2012 Willy wants to lead the American dream. He thinks he will merely fall into it
without hard work. Mere perseverance chasing the dream rather than working at
something is his motto. Biff idealizes his dad but like his dad is not a star. He is
good at football but not that good. An injury destroys any dream of …

Jan 14, 2014 Willy's Concept of Success – julia adamo. Willy's Philosophy Success: the
accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Willy Loman is a 63 year old travelling
salesman. He gets fired from the company that hired him, and instead of
accepting it he immerses himself in a fantasy world where he is instead "well-
liked" …

It is its intimate.ociation with our aspirations which gives to the story of Loman
an ambiguous, but highly affecting, substratum of religious, philosophical, …. The
most immediate and overwhelming response of the business world to the failure
and of Willy Loman was to try to erase it from the public's consciousness.

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"WILLY: That's just what I mean, Bernard can get the best marks in school, y'
understand, but when he gets out in the business world, y'understand, you are
going to be five times ahead of him. That's why I thank Almighty… to know,
and I go right through" (p. 33). Perhaps Willy's philosophy that charm, popularity