Feb 14, 2014 To restart services. From the Start menu, select Programs > SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4.0 > SAP BusinessObjects BI platform > Central Configuration Manager. Select Server Intelligence Agent in the list and click Stop. Select Server Intelligence Agent in the list and click Start. Click Manage Servers .

Aug 28, 2009 Start the CMS servers. Start Destination Servers, Input FRS, and Output FRS. Start Event Servers. Start all Report Servers. Start all Job Servers. Start any other servers that have not yet been started. Start your web/application layer.

Stopping a server. You must stop BusinessObjects Enterprise servers before you
can modify certain properties and settings. Starting a server. If you have stopped
a server to configure it, you need to start it to effect your changes and to have the
server resume processing requests. Restarting a server. Restarting a server is a …

Oct 12, 2016 Hi All,SAP has recommended to us to do a monthly server restart for our servers
to clean out temporary and orphaned jobs and such.We currently have a
clustered CMS environment with another clustered processing tier for the
adaptive job servers.My question.

May 18, 2012 Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) … … Starting and Stopping all servers
and nodes at once on a unix host … Starting the servers. Log into the host as the
user that owns the BI installation, or su – to the user. Change to the folder where
BI is installed (ex: cd /usr/sap/bi); Change to the BOEDIR, for XI31 …

Jul 23, 2014 I want to restart SAP Business Objects XI R2 servers periodically. Please share if
any script or batch file is available for this.