Jan 14, 2016 – If you have lived in the UK all of your life, there is no need to obtain a Visa before you start any form of employment because you're a citizen. But before you even make the big move down under, you will need to apply for an Australian Business Visa.

If you have business skills and want to set up and manage a new or existing business in Australia, take a look at the Provisional Business Innovation and Investment visas. Before you can apply for these visas, you must be nominated by a state or territory government.

Sep 23, 2014 – Hey everyone! In September 2015 I'm moving from the UK over to Sydney for 1 year to experience the country, but also to expand our UK based Digital Marketing Agency in Australia. Currently we run.

Australia's Business Migration Visas are designed for people who can contribute to the economic growth of, make investment in or add expertise to Australia. … If you own a business, or are looking to invest in one then Australia could be the ideal location for either a relocation or to expand and grow your company.

People relocate to top destinations in Australia for various reasons – to be closer to relatives, linguistic convenience for English speakers, for its high standard of living, dynamic economy and plenitude of jobs (compared to the rest of the advanced world). If you're an entrepreneur and you want to set up a business in the …