Apr 18, 2014 Feng shui is about the placement of objects to balance the flow of energy so that
you can be your most productive and prosperous. Here's what you need to know
about using feng shui in your business.

But one single item is key to your financial and business success: a desk with
good Feng Shui. Home-office-fengshui. Your desk is so important because it
attracts good opportunities, deflects negative energy, and visibly represents your
success. What gives a desk good Feng Shui? Roomy, but not TOO big. An overly
large …

11 feng shui tips for success in business! There are very few symbols surpassing
the Great Chinese Dragon. They consider. The Dragon creates precious cosmic
energy Chi bringing good luck to your home and office. The dragon with fountain
is more effective technique.

Feng shui helps you create an environment, both at home and in your office, that
strengthens you and helps attract the energy of wealth. The best feng shui money
energy foundation is having your home and business free of clutter, displaying
symbols that speak to you of wealth, using specific feng shui cures such as …