Jul 31, 2017 – The errors are as follows- Occurs when you place a formula that returns more than one value in a cell that outputs. Or if a single cell is trying to display multiple values. Occurs when you don't set SQL aggregate functions for a measure object in universe designer.

Dec 18, 2013 – If report is broken into section on country the formula is correct. #Overflow: Occurs when a calculation returns a value that is too large for Web I to handle. #Partial Result: Occurs when we set Query controls in universe designer. #ToRefresh: Occurs if the measure object has projected function “Database delegated”.

#INCOMPATIBLE error and.ociate a primary dimension object that used in the block ashok — fsanchez via businessobjects-dev-l <businessobjects[email protected]Groups.ITtoolbox.com> wrote: > > > Sounds like the columns that are used to join the > various table in your > context have different data types…check the data

May 6, 2013 – Error retrieving document objects for scope batch with ID {0}. (FBE 60220)………….…………246. 11.2.33. An unsupported busting mode for this publication was chosen. (FBE 60224)…………………..246. 11.2.34. {0} publications do not support "One database fetch for all recipients" bursting method. (FBE. 60225).

Pull up a new report/tab and use all the obejcts which are in the formula to see if all objects show data correctly. If this report shows correct data then there is an issue with the formula which might be like dividing a number by zero, etcetra. In other case, you may have to visit the Universe to see and parse the …