About Diverse Business Partners. The Diverse Business Partners program
promotes efficiency and profitability for Major League Baseball and its Clubs
while extending Baseball's ability to contribute to the economic growth, strength
and well-being of diverse communities. Learn More » | Supplier Information » |
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Dan Perkins began working with Major League Baseball (MLB) as a consultant
for Genlight Por EL, Inc., where he.isted with the development of Diverse
Business Partners (DBP) Program. Perkins has been an exceptional supporter of
Diverse Business Partners through what he describes as "a unique relationship"
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A. The Diverse Business Partners Program is an economically driven business
initiative designed to support key strategic objectives of the industry. It was
developed after extensive review of best practices within Baseball. The program
is …

WELCOME. The MLB Diversity Business Summit is the premier sports
employment conference and supplier diversity trade fair. This two-day event
allows job seekers and entrepreneurs the unique opportunity of meeting with
MLB's Clubs at both the Major League and Minor League levels as well as
sponsorship partners.

White Sox Diverse Business Partners Program. MISSION STATEMENT: To
provide significant opportunities to minority and women-owned businesses that
are capable of providing the Chicago White Sox and its.ociated companies
with commodities and services through our competitive bid process. This
program is …

Small & Diverse Business Partnerships. Gilbane has a long-standing
commitment to building winning partnerships with the small and diverse business
community. We believe the culture of inclusion that supports the input of all leads
to better outcomes.

We are proud to announce that our firm has been selected to participate in The
Major League Baseball Diverse Business Partner Program. We look forward to
developing a promising relationship with the 30 teams that comprise the league
and the Major League Baseball offices in New York City. Stay tuned for quarterly

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