Your employees are the business's most valuable.ets. A. “The business's most valuable.ets” is correct because business is singular. (Businesses is the plural of business.)

Can you cite some examples used in reputable publications that use businesses without the apostrophe that indicate a plural possessive? That sounds extremely odd to me. On the issues of James's versus James', and other proper names, that certainly does vary whether that "extra" s is used, but for a …

Dec 29, 2015 – You know already that it's company (singular) and companies (plural).Plural possessive form – must you include the apostrophe after the s? … What are the possessive forms of singular/plural proper nouns ending with the letter "s"?

For a single business, not multiple businesses what is the correct way to make it possessive? I have a directive … Singular Words Ending in 'S': If a singular word ends in s, is it correct to add an s after the apostrophe in the possessive form? … well businesses is definitely plural – that's not a style issue. -John

As a count noun, businesses—with an –es ending—is the plural of business. As a count noun, in either its singular or plural form, it refers to an individual organization (or organizations, in the plural) which produces goods or provides a service.