Jul 1, 2017 Want a simple, sample dress code policy that specifies business attire for work?
You can use these sample dress code policies to tell employees how you expect
them to dress for work. If you need a more elaborate policy, you will want to take
a look at the various business attire policies and illustrative …

Nov 21, 2017 Business attire refers to the clothing that employees wear to work. Depending on the workplace, various levels of the formality of business attire are expected and the norm. The dress codes range from traditional and formal to smart casual, business casual, and casual.

Jul 1, 2017 Your Company's objective in establishing a formal work dress code is to enable
our employees to project the professional image that is in keeping with the … If
clothing fails to meet these standards, as determined by the employee's
supervisor and Human Resources staff, the employee will be asked not to …

Sep 11, 2017 Business Casual Dress Code: In a workplace with a business casual attire dress code, employees dress one step up from casual. Jeans are generally discouraged except on a designated dress down day. Attire such as shorts, sandals, t-shirts, sundresses, and tank tops are not allowed.

Businesses of all sizes typically adopt a dress code to help guide employee
decisions related to proper appearance and attire for the workplace. A company's
decision to propose and enforce a corporate dress code often stems from a
desire to create and maintain a particular image within the community and with