Mastercard co-branded credit cards and debit cards help merchants to elevate their brand and strengthen customer loyalty. Contact co-branded issuers to set up a co-branded … the bond with your customers. It can increase loyalty, attract new customers, lower your acquisition costs and help keep your business top-of-mind.

A co-branded card relies on a relationship between the issuing credit card company (like Visa or American Express) and its marketing partner, which is usually a retailer (like Costco, American Airlines, or Best Buy, for example).

Feb 17, 2015 – I worked a small part in a similar co-branded credit card deal. … Costco American Express, American Airlines MasterCard, Sierra Club Visa are all co-branded cards. … If after knowing all these you get the feeling that customers are being herded by Costco to the highest bidder, that's just business reality.