Businesses may also be affected by flooding indirectly, even if the business
premises are not actually inundated with water access, roads may be closed and
power, water, and the telephone may not be operable. If flooding is a known risk,
the business must minimize risks relating to flooding for all employees and
customers …

Once again, here in the UK, we seem to be bracing ourselves for some very
strange weather. More and more frequently we're seeing whole communities
battered by storms and affected by flooding. Here at Wholesale Clearance UK,
our hearts really do go out to those small businesses that have been affected by

The paper investigates the impact of floods during 2010 December to 2011
January on small business at Rockhampton, A survey of 100 small businesses
was undertaken to determine the impact of the recent flood for this study and the
valid response rate was 55%. Four research questions and hypotheses were
developed …

In June 2013, the province of Alberta experienced heavy rainfall that resulted in
some of the worst flooding in the history of the province. Areas along the Bow,
Elbow, Highwood, Red Deer, Sheep, Little Bow, and South Saskatchewan rivers
and their tributaries were affected the most by the flooding. Sadly, four people
were …

5 Key ways businesses are impacted by floods. Posted on 18th October 2016 3rd
October 2016. Often when we suffer severe flooding the focus is on homes that
have been damaged and the residents that suffer as a result. What can get
overlooked are the devastating effects that floods can have on businesses too.